Wifi Refugees In The News

Wifi Refugees In The News

August has seen the return of Wifi Refugees after a brief July hiatus. It’s also seen some great coverage in the local press.

Local tech and business publication, Sync NI, was first to pick up on Wifi Refugees, covering the first event and introducing the concept to a wider audience. You can read the story on Sync NI.

Belfast Live picked up the story in August and made a big dint on our Google Analytics and social stats. The news site has one of the biggest readerships in Northern Ireland and a huge social following too, which was brilliant to raise awareness for the second events. Belfast Live’s story is still on their site.

Influential local blogger, Alan Meban, did a video interview with Andi Jarvis before the second events and shared the content in a few locations. As well as on his own blog, Alan in Belfast, Alan also manages the PR for Focus on Refugees, the organisation that will distribute the money from Wifi Refugees events to Embrace NI, and it’s on their Facebook page.

The plans for the next few months are to try and launch a few other locations for Wifi Refugees, and we’re happy to field any media enquiries that will help us achieve that goal. Please email andi@wifirefugees.org or get in touch on social with any queries.