Customer Experience

Customer Experience

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from a Wifi Refugees Marketing Clinic. I had seen a couple of posts from them on Facebook promising FREE marketing advice for small local businesses and they intrigued me. I was a small business, and I definitely needed marketing advice, but the internet had promised me “free” advice before and I was well used to “free” actually means a quick tip followed by a ton of hard sell. So, honestly, I was a little sceptical of the word free, but having seen a couple of these clinics come and go, I decided to be brave and try out the one in Bangor.

The post on Facebook promised me a free, twenty-minute long consultation, that didn’t sound very long, and you already know how I feel about “free” so my expectations of the whole thing were very low when I arrived, but they needn’t have been.

Once I had my tea bought, I followed the signs upstairs and found Andi. I was the first to arrive and got a very warm welcome from him which put me at ease straight away.

I’m an author, and I had one key question in mind when I walked through the doors of the Red Berry Coffee Shop, and that was; How do I market a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of my novel, and make it successful? I got my answer, and then some.

The twenty minutes shot by, and I was impressed by how much advice he was able to cram into such a short session, he seemed genuinely interested in my book, and me, and he had some great ideas for getting the Kickstarter off the ground and making it successful, even promising to put me in touch with people he knew that had experience of doing just that.

I went away from the meeting with a new excitement for my project and my head buzzing with ideas that I couldn’t wait to put into practice. And, even better, the advice he gave me was simple; he didn’t try to baffle me with jargon, his advice was straightforward, easy to follow and because he had taken the time to listen, his advice was very specific to my project.

Best of all, there was no hard sell at the end of it, in fact, there was no sell at all, just genuinely free advice. They are all volunteers and suggest a donation of £10 to support local refugees, but the advice I got was worth so much more than that.

I will not hesitate to go back again if I think of any other marketing questions, and I would highly recommend any small business to go and meet Andi, or any one of the team of expert volunteers at the next marketing clinic.

Caroline O’Breackin